Abigail's End is a Post-Punk/Indie band formed in late 2002/early 2003 by Thomas and Andrew who have played together in 2001/2002 in the Punk Rock N' Roll band IFG (I Fought Gandhi). After the break-up of IFG Thomas and Andrew took some time off and eventually decided to form another band together that was more in line to what there influences were. This resulted in Abigail's End.



A search for a bass player ensued with very little luck, our friend Justin Dushkewich of the band Brass, then of Squeeze Point, offered to fill-in on bass until a permanent bassist was found.  Lined up as a three piece we wrote some songs and practiced, getting tighter every time.  We eventually brought in a second guitarist, Kris Ohrenick.  With this four piece line-up we created some more songs.  After a couple of weeks Kris left the band due to musical differences with Andy, a couple weeks after that Justin also left to pursue his education and playing with the band North Star Infinite, now known as Brass.  This left Tom and Andy in a bind and ready to call it quits due to the lack of musicians.


After  some more rough situations, including finding a bassist and Thomas suffering some medical problems, including some very bad heart problems and another which resulted in him having two dislocated vocal cords that made him not be able to talk above a whisper for over a year, the band recruited a one time roadie of Thomas' old band CopeStone, Chris S., on guitar. This in turn brought in Red on bass who was friends with Chris. Andrew soon departed the band after recording a 5 song demo that was never released for MAJOR reasons. This brought in Chris Hill on drums. The band started playing and practicing a lot. Soon Chris S. was gone from the band due to various  issues.



The band continued on playing shows and writing songs. After a few months Chris Hill became ill, and still is, and reluctantly left the band. Andrew then got in touch with the band about rejoining.


The band built there own studio in Thomas' house where they practiced until September of 2006. Thomas moved into a bigger space in October of 2006 and began building up a new bigger studio for the band to rehearse and record. The Studio at the new place has since been completed!!  A mutual decision for Andy to leave the band was also reached at the later half of 2007.


The band then added a new rhythm guitarist, Leah Gersbach to the band. Which fills out the sound nicely.  We in turn also added LeeK as drummer who works hard and produces a GREAT backbeat for the band.


Then we added Jeff on drums 


I know that Leah has moved on and started an acoustic project with someone, congrats.  Jeff, last I heard he was doing the cover band thing.  Red, well Red and I have come to an understanding over the years and I think we will be working together in some way shape or form in the near future on some recordings and such with some friends of ours. 

Members Pages

Thomas-Vocals/Lead Guitar

Red - Bass