Abigail's End - Tom

Former Bands - C-D9 :), I Fought Gandhi, CopeStone, Dimension 9, Dysfuntional Siblings


Location - Broomall, PA



2000 Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top, 1995 Japanese Fender FotoFlame Telecaster Custom Deluxe Guitar, 2009 Fender Squire Strat, Line 6 PodXT Live, Peavey Renown 212 converted to a guitar amp head, Kerly Music & Blue Steel Guitar Strings, Tortex Pics, EMG/Duncan/Fender Pickups



AFI, Agent Orange, Bauhaus, Black Flag, The Cure, Dead Kennedys, Dio, DRI, Elvis Costello, Fugazi, Generation X (Billy Idol), Joy Division, Killing Joke, Killswitch Engage, Metallica, Misfits, The / Samhain, Mission UK, NIN, Nirvana, The Police, Sex Pistols / Public Image Ltd., The Smiths / Morrissey, Stray Cats, more more more!!!


Music Career

Thomas began his career primarily as a guitarist and backup vocalist in various local and one off bands in the Philadelphia area.

In late 1993, while attending college, he met a drummer on the campus and decided to start a band.  In early 1994 Thomas met Michael Lieb on campus and started talking about performing together and the band Dimension 9 (originally as ontogeny) was born.  After a few weeks Pete Deeney was brought in on bass and a 3 year run was made before breaking up which included a S/T demo, a full length “Noize” and various recordings never released, as well and NUMEROUS drummers.

Thomas and Michael recruited a new bassist and drummer and formed the band CopeStone releasing a S/T demo.  After a year or two Michael left the band on not great terms and his friendship with Thomas was strained.  The band continued on for another year or 2 releasing a CD titled “Judgement Games” and playing shows all over PA, NJ, and NY, including the Volcom Records stage of the Vans Warped Tour in Camden, NJ.

Thomas decided to leave the band in late 2000 after getting married and trying to recover from open heart surgery and an Aortic Dissection.

Shortly after Thomas co-founded the band I Fought Gandhi (IFG) with a purpose of having fun and trying to alienate the audience, which worked well.

After some time Thomas formed the band Abigail's End.  This band would last 8 years on and off as the band went through a number of bad situations, including more medical situation.

Thomas has since reconciled with Michael from Dimension 9 and CopeStone and are working on new material, as well as re-recording some older material.


Medical Horrors

Thomas was born with Aortic stenosis.  This led to him having Aortic valve replacement at the age of 7.  Thomas spent the next 17 years outliving the valve according to some doctors.  In 2000, Thomas suffered an Aortic Dissection which he almost did not survive.  There is no explanation as to why this occurred and still puzzles the doctors.  Thomas had his Ascending Aorta replaced with a graft and another Aortic Valve Replacement.

In 2001 there was another operation as Thomas had developed an Aortic Aneurysm where the graft stopped.  Thomas was told after the operation that this could occur.  He then had to have his Descending Aorta replaced with a graft as well.

A few weeks after leaving the hospital Thomas was rushed back vomiting blood.  When in the ER Thomas' wife was told that he had a very low blood count and was in dire need.  Thomas was put on a central line to pump the blood quickly into his body.  He was hold that he had a bleeding ulcer caused by take an anticoagulant and given pain medicine that causes the same affect.  He had this ulcer taken care of and since then has been living relatively healthy with his wife and two sons and still playing music.






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